About Us

Welcome to Revachi Hospitality

Revachi Hospitality is a brand that resonates all across the hospitality industry. We are a leading figure when it comes supplying quality amenities in the various verticals of this sector. We are proud to have been entrusted with this responsibility, and as these businesses depend on Revachi Hospitality, we look to leave no stones unturned to satisfy our loyal clients.

About Revachi Hospitality

Revachi Hospitality is known not just for offering a wide range of products and essentials used in the hospitality industry, but also the quality of services that we offer. Whether it’s catering to your customized needs, or customer service in general, you’re sure to find the experience that you gain while doing business with us quite pleasing. Apart from good quality products and a great sense of service, we also take pride in our rich history and our guiding ethics.

Core Values

Vision We will explore the best product range in Tableware, Dinnerware, Bed Linen and be the preferred destination of choice serving flexible hospitality and services to our customers.

Mission We aim to be a “Trusted Brand” in hospitality industries.

Committed To Our Customers

If there’s one thing that is prioritized at Revachi Hospitality, it’s offering the best treatment, products and services to our customers. Customer Satisfaction is our primary goal, and to achieve that we go to great extents. One of the best attributes of our company is that we listen to our customers. Our intention isn’t just to sell you the product, but the items that are ideal for you. It is for the same reason that we have a huge loyal customer base.

Over 500 Products

In order to cater to the needs of our loyal clients, and to fulfill the demands of many more who’d join us in the upcoming days, Revachi Hospitality features 100+ products that belong to different categories. It doesn’t really matter what vertical of the hospitality industry you belong to, we will prove to be a one stop solution for all your needs. Whether you’re looking for glassware, cleaning items, disposable items or other amenities, you could definitely rely on us.

Putting Hospitality To Work for Special Customers

We have been fortunate enough to serve clients belonging to numerous verticals of the hospitality industry. Whether it’s fulfilling the general needs or exquisite ones, Revachi Hospitality excels at serving its customers. Having said that, for us, all our clients are special, and we cater to their needs with full attention.

Our Guiding Principles

We believe that for any organization to sustain, they need to follow a set of principles. Provided that these codes are righteous, they will go a long way, and certainly taste success. As far as the principles that guide us are concerned, they revolve around quality services that are achieved through hard work and determination. Our family is important to us, and so, we look to incorporate our traditional family cultures in our business. We also work to ensure that our clients are able to experience similar or even greater positive outcomes as us, and we do so by delivering on the promises that we’ve made. Finally, despite our inclination towards culture, we seek to evolve, so as to stay relevant in the ever changing hospitality industry.

Our Rich History

Revachi Hospitality was conceived with an idea to serve the numerous companies, organizations, or outlets, both big and small, operating in the hospitality industry. A lot of times, because of lack of basic amenities, these businesses aren’t able to offer the best services to their customers. The items and products used in the hospitality sector are often out of reach of these companies, and often they have to struggle quite a bit to get their hands on these items. Revanchi Hospitality bridges this gap, and makes these essentials available quite easily. Whether the company demands products that are manufactured abroad, or the ones that are made locally, you can be rest assured about finding them at our outlets. By incorporating our rich family culture in our business, we’ve been able to win the hearts of numerous organizations. They continue to use our products and remember us for any services needed further.

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